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The Mayor of Hoboken, Ravi Bhalla, has asked a group of citizens to form an organization dedicated to help small Hoboken businesses and Hoboken residents weather the economic and financial hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Called “The Hoboken Relief Fund”, the group will solicit donations and provide grants to local businesses and Hoboken residents impacted by the crisis. The Hoboken Relief Fund will be the City of Hoboken’s authorized vehicle for COVID-19 relief, and act in ways as an umbrella for other, ongoing, complementary efforts to address various pressing needs in our community related to COVID-19, such as food insecurity.

Mayor Bhalla has asked two members of the Hoboken City Council, Phil Cohen and Jen Giattino, to co-chair the Fund. The Board includes community representatives, Joe Barry, Grant Sahag, Irene Perello, Lavon Smith, Donna Garban, a representative of the Hoboken Business Alliance, and David Bistany, a representative of The Rotary Club of Hoboken.

The Fund’s Clergy Advisors include Rabbi Robert Scheinberg of the United Synagogue of Hoboken and the Rev. Elaine Ellis Thomas of All Saints Episcopal Church. 

Members of the Hoboken arts community have offered to record videos in support of the Fund, and Geri Fallo, Hoboken’s Administrator of Cultural Affairs, has been coordinating that outreach and is serving as a City and Arts Community liaison to the Fund. A benefit video “concert” is currently being planned.

The Fund board, supported by Mayor Bhalla’s efforts, and other individuals and organizations within Hoboken (such as the Hoboken Business Alliance, the Rotary Club of Hoboken, and the Hoboken Library Foundation) will promote the efforts of the Fund.

The grant-making process will be subject to a defined process established by the Board and applications will be reviewed and processed by the independent Clergy Advisors.  The Clergy Advisors will review all grant applications pursuant to criteria established by the Fund’s board and will make the final grant award decisions.

Board of Trustees

Grant Sahag

David Bistany
Rotary Club of Hoboken

Phil Cohen

Jen Giattino

James Runkle
Hoboken Business Alliance

Irene Perello

Lavon Smith

Inter-faith Advisors

Rabbi Robert Scheinberg
The Rev. Elaine Ellis Thomas

You can donate to this effort via the below button or mail a check to

Hoboken Relief Fund Inc 
50 Harrison Street, Suite 522
Hoboken, NJ. 07030

Make checks payable to the “Hoboken Relief Fund”.  The Hoboken Relief Fund is a pending 501(c)(3) entity.